What We Are
We are an offshore share holding company specializing in the business process outsourcing sector. We have an unbroken track record of over two decade in generating positive returns on each Project we have made. We pride ourselves on our extensive operational focus throughout the investing cycle, and have never incurred loss on an investment since the inception of our partnership in 1998.
Our Locations

We are an offshore company working for more than 85 multinational companies. You can hire Excel Pak to enhance your business sales, to take care of your customers.
We have presence in

USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia , India, Puerto Rico, Mexico , Spain and over 500 employs in Pakistan
A Complete Call Center Solution!
Whether a phone call to your business is a potential customer or not, it is important to answer it professionally. Leaving it to voicemail is not professional. Getting your busy team to answer it is not an effective solution either. Our virtual receptionists will answer calls as if they are a member of your team plus they're professional.
Customer services
Customer service is the most important aspect for any company. By outsourcing this important department to BPO Business ’ customer service teams, our clients can be assured, of customer satisfaction with quality
Marketing is an essential part of a product`s success and can be, done through various different ways. It can often become an extremely time consuming and costly activity.
Virtual Receptionist
In any office, the receptionist is the first point of contact. A smiling face and cheerful personality help in establishing a long lasting bond between the customer and the organization
Help Desk
Many tasks can, be handled without any fuss via, telephone and without the need to physically go anywhere. With bespoke training and product knowledge,
Surveys and data collection
Large organizations often require dedicated teams to carry out various surveys for a variety of purposes. We can carry out studies and researches and help you analyze and measure trends
Back Office
There are many places where the need to have back office support is vital. Excel Pak® ’ Back Office Support skills provide clients the flexibility to pick, and choose the methodologies, complete outsourcing service center processing.
Order Taking
Order Taking services from Excel Pak allows your company to be open for business 24 hours a day. Our friendly, professional call centre representatives are always available to take your orders, helping you grow your business and retain your customer loyalty.
Emergency Response Services
There are many places, where an emergency response is required as valuable assets can be lost through lack of professional handling. Utilizing, our highly equipped facility, you can ensure 100% availability, 0% downtime and avoid losing important assets
Medical transcription
Medical transcription includes transformation of information from audio to text format for easy storage and documentation. We can lower the costs of this transformation and data storage to ensure that all sensitive information is protected
Website Development
Excel Pak provides professional website design, development, and on-going maintenance services. We love to help small business establish their brand and improve their web presence.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that is designed to promote your business online. Just like the best of the books can lie on the bookshelves of famous bookstores and become a victim of dust and worms year after year,
Data Research, Analysis
Excel Pak is an IT enabled services provider. We specialize in providing back office services ranging from data entry, virtual assistant, equity research, to data modeling. Excel Pak is also involved in web-based application development.
Email Response Services
Email Response services from Excel Pak gives your company a competitive edge by supporting your customers in completing sales and service processes 24 hours a day via multiple communication channels.
Live Chat Services
Live Chat services from Excel Pak gives your company a competitive edge by supporting your customers online and helping them 24 hours a day. Our friendly, professional online customer support staff is always available.
Reminder Calls & Surveys
In today’s fast-paced, technology-based environment, it is easy to forget an appointment, overlook or miss an email. Adding a personal touch to confirm your client appointments or issue a reminder.
Information Verification
Information verification is a vital component of our outbound call center services. We at Excel Pak strive to provide all-in-one services for verifying information related to customers, clients or individuals through speech-enabled, live agent, and online third party verification procedures
3rd Party Verification Services
Capturing of authentic data helps businesses to develop strong sales pipelines, simplify workflow, reduce overhead, maximize lead generation, and improves employee retention rate, among many other benefits. If you want to accelerate your learning curve, then consider outsourcing powerful third party verification services to Excel Pak.
Debt collection
Debt collection is a professional solution for commercial and consumer debt collection. It can also be referred as a legitimate business process during which creditors meant to secure due payments from the consumers for which they are legally bound to pay or repay.

Who we are

Our staff are trained and highly experienced lead generation specialists. They specialize in learning your company’s services and products with the aim of effectively engaging Directors and VP’s on your company’s behalf. They can deliver your message and secure appointments with the relevant companies that have a need for your product. 

  •  About 500 expert telemarketers, 30 professional versifiers, 50 Supervisors, 11 Floor Managers, 5 Manager Operations, 5 Business Development Managers, Expert and experienced 10 Quality Control Analyst;
  • Our Agents are expert in In-Bound, Out Bound, SEO, Email Handling, Online Chat Support, Web Development, Designing, Web Search, Lead Generation, Surveys and Sales. ;
  •  Our IT experts are certified by Microsoft, they have certificates of CCNA, CCNI ;
Call Center
We are expert in cold calling, Lead Generation, Surveys, Virtual Receptionist, Customer Services.
Data Entry
Date Collection, Data Search, File Typing, Medical Billing and Data sorting
Software House
Web Development, App Development, SEO, Website Quality Chcek