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Call Center, Telemarketing

Order Taking

Order Taking services from Excel Pak allows your company to be open for business 24 hours a day. Our friendly, professional call center representatives are always available to take your orders, helping you grow your business and retain your customer loyalty. Excel Pak Advantages Live call answering and order processing results in increased sales.Cost-effective solution…
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Third-Party Verification

What is a third-party verification service? Third-party verification is a process through which businesses can get information about customers and employees verified by independent service providers. Organizations selling products/offering services over the phone or online typically use a third-party verification service to get the authentic information. The service provider confirms accurate details about a customer who…
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Lead Generation

What is lead generation? Lead generation is the marketing process that creates interest among the target audience in a product or service offered by businesses to generate potential sales leads. Lead generation call centers help businesses to build trust among key customers through dedicated, constant, and meaningful communication so that when the decision-making process starts,…
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Reminder Calls & Surveys

Reminder Calls & SurveysIn today’s fast-paced, technology-based environment, it is easy to forget an appointment, overlook or miss an email. Adding a personal touch to confirm your client appointments or issue a reminder, ensures that you will be operating at peak efficiency and not lose valuable revenue through no-shows. How often do you receive an…
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Customer Complaint Handling

When a customer is angry or unhappy with your service, a good inbound call center can help turn them back into loyal customer. One of the most important things for any company’s success is customer satisfaction. If your customers are pleased and happy with your service, they are more likely to continue making purchases. On the other…
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