Our Team

Who we are

Our staff are trained and highly experienced lead generation specialists. They specialize in learning your company’s services and products with the aim of effectively engaging Directors and VP’s on your company’s behalf. They can deliver your message and secure appointments with the relevant companies that have a need for your product.


Muhammad Imran Khan

Mr. M Imran Khan has worked 16 successful years in offshore industry. He is Energy Broker of United Kingdom Electric and Gas supplies including British Gas, Scottish Power, Duel Energy, Gazprom and EON. He is also one of the first authorized dealers of  Bell Canada, Telus Mobility, Direct TV and Comwave. As Chairman Board of Director Mr. Imran always looking for to increase business.

Ruqia Shamim
Chief Executive Oficer

Miss Ruqia Shamim has worked on key positions in world's top 3 offshore companies. She is owning and controlling a recruitment company in South Asia whose turnover is over 10 millions per year, She has introduced new technology , new ideas socially our projects belonging to united kingdom. She is USA resident working worldwide.

Asad Javed
Head of Operations

Mr. Asad Javed is looking after quality and training department. When we talk about quality work we can not find an alternate of him. Quality work is our slogan and its only possible with strict rules implemented by Mr. Asad Javed