Technical Support

Excel Pak’ Help Desk Call Center is committed to providing first-class, low-frustration customer support experience. Our technical support agents are capable and knowledgeable in all levels of resolution handling. We offer tier 1-3 resolution through the use of the telephone, live chat, email, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Help desk generally refers to a center that handles technology-related queries. As such, the term “help desk” is often used interchangeably with “technical support”. Tech customer support call centers assist customers in the installation and set-up of software/hardware, as well as the correct usage of the product. Due to the vast scope of this service-oriented product, a large amount of customers often call in, and the need to streamline the process becomes inevitable.

Organized Tech Support; All System in Place:

Creating in-house help desk call center is expensive for most small to medium businesses, but there is a smart call center solution. Outsourcing to an offshore call center will enable internal customer service help desks to free up employees to address crucial strategic problems.

Our clients include:

Fortune 50 company, Wireless companies, Technology, and Consumer electronics companies

Our Technical Support Services is Best-in-Class:

  • Inquiry and Request Resolution
  • Reverse Logistics Services
  • Complaints Handling
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Repair Issues
  • Warranty and Post-warranty Support
  • Problem Resolution
  • Escalation Handling
  • Billing Issues and Requests
  • Software Issues
  • Computer Hardware Issues
  • Upselling and Cross-selling

Consumers of technology products consider the support behind a product to be just as critical as the actual product quality. The result of this increased dependence on technology is a need for an efficient resolution of issues that occasionally spring up. Frustration due to busy signals, long hold times, and incompetent support staff in a customer care call center that is not up to the task will often result in lost customers and market share.

Excel Pak’ expertise in providing the best trained help desk customer representatives ensure that situations like this do not become a problem for you. You enjoy better customer satisfaction and increased retention. It is time to consider what Excel Pak’ help desk call center services can do for your business today.

Excel Pak tech support call center services have…

  • Industry experience handling 24/7/365 help desk support
  • Access to the latest call center technologies
  • Contact center expertise – backed by highly trained Filipino tech support agents
  • Expertise – access to skilled technical support agents
  • Scalability – managing seasonal, high and low call volumes
  • Multi-lingual support system